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New and exclusive, the Energy Basket is a unique gas and electricity product offering all businesses an absolutely fixed supply contract until September 2020.

The basket provides your business with budget certainty and there is the possibility of a reduced price if the market softens during the summer. This allows you to take advantage of price movements within the wholesale energy market.

This is available to all businesses; big and small, meaning that your business will receive all of the benefits of a major purchaser without any ‘Take or Pay’ clauses.

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Gas & Electricity Basket

  • Suitable to any sized business
  • Pro-active approach to potentially lower your energy costs until 2020
  • Safe option as the price is fully fixed for the full duration of the contract, although the price could come down
  • Ideal product for a company that is seeking budget security for long term
  • Ideal for clients with new sites as there are ‘no take or pay’ restrictions on gas usage
  • All costs are fixed with no ‘pass through charges’